How We Teach

The degrees of dancing achieved are varied. The instruction progresses through: Introductory Programs, Social Foundation Programs and Bronze, Silver and Gold Standards. Your Introductory Program is the first student level and you will be taught the basic patterns of the dances you choose.

Private Lessons

During your private lessons you will receive the personalized teaching that is necessary to achieve your goals in dancing. Have confidence in your instructors…when they know what you want to learn, they will be able to teach you more efficiently.


Parties are fun and beneficial! They afford you the opportunity to practice, with a variety of partners, what you have learned in your lessons. The parties combine good dancing, good music and refreshments in an all around fun evening.

Wedding Dance

It’s your special day … you want everything to be perfect. Shouldn’t that include your bridal dance, too? Your first dance together as husband and wife. And what about all those friends and relatives you’ll be dancing with at the reception? Brides-to-be spend many hours planning their wedding days, but forget about that one important detail, or wait until the very last minute. We can teach you how to dance to the special song you’ve chosen as your bridal song, as well as any dancing you plan to do at your reception. Perhaps you’d also like your bridal party to dance to a particular song. We can help them out, too. It takes a while to learn, so do yourself a favor — call NOW to make an appointment for a no-cost, no-obligation trial package. You’ll be glad you did … it’ll make your special day just that much more special.