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    Sherri and I chose Night and Day as our dance studio over our previous nationally known studio. At Night and Day, we have learned more, faster, and less expensively. Dance here is challenging yet fun. Why don't you join us at Night and Day Dance Studio? -- Ralph and Sherri Progar


    Where else can a married guy go and dance with many beautiful women besides his wife and not get in trouble?! -- Frank Fazio


    So, you think you can't dance? So did I. Then my wife and I started taking lessons at Night & Day Dance Studio. In a few weeks we could actually dance. In a few months we were guests at a wedding and the other guests raved about our new ability. Our only regret is that we didn't do this years ago. Join us and hear raves in lieu of having regrets. The feeling is priceless. -- Pat and Liz Weber


    We started taking ballroom dancing lessons before we went on a cruise--and 41/2 years later we are still enjoying dancing. We love the social aspect as well as the great people we've met at Night and Day. -- Connie and Rick Callen


    Janis and I enrolled at Night and Day Dance Studio on recommendation of a mutual friend. Initially we went to brush up on our dancing due to our daughter's wedding. We enjoyed the experience very much and decided to continue. It gives us an opportunity to share something together. Linda and Jim are excellent teachers and private lesson are very good. The group lessons and the friends we have made are added benefits. -- John and Janis Eriksen

    I dragged my husband of 38 years, who simply could NOT learn how to dance, to a free lesson, since I wanted to be able to polka with him at our daughter's wedding. That was in May. In six months we have learned enough to feel confident dancing 7 dances socially and we want to learn more and more.

    Our instructors are so patient yet firm :) about form and style, and this is what we both need. Not only do we dance the moves, but we do them well.

    The price is fair, the other students are friendly and helpful, the parties get us out of the house, and we're having FUN!!!

    Linda and Jim, you are the best!

    Chuck and Davileen Swank

    Night and Day Dance Studio
    3312 Babcock Blvd.
    Pittsburgh, Pa. 15237